Welcome to Memory System and IoT Lab (M Lab)!

The Memory System and IoT Lab (M Lab) at City University of Hong Kong is directed by Professor KUO Tei-Wei and Professor XUE Chun Jason.

M Lab conducts research in the area of memory system and Internet of Things (IoT), with the emphasis on non-volatile memory, storage systems, mobile and embedded systems, real-time systems, neuromorphic computing, systems for machine learning and machine learning for systems.

M Lab actively publishes papers in top-tier conferences and journals, such as FAST, ATC, MICRO, WWW, CVPR, TC, TMC, and TKDE.

News & Recent Achievements

16 May 2022

Our paper is accepted by VLDB 2022. Congratulations to WU Shangyu.

15 Feb 2022

Our paper is accepted by DAC 2022. Congratulations to BAI Shuhan.

14 Jan 2022

Our paper is accepted by WWW 2022. Congratulations to MAO Yu.

11 Dec 2021

Our paper is accepted by FAST 2022. Congratulations to LIANG Yu.

28 Oct 2021

Our paper is accepted by HPCA 2022. Congratulations to SUN Xuan and WAN Hu.

16 Aug 2021

Two new Ph.D. students, XIE Wenjing and LI Ruoxiang, joined our group. Welcome!

28 Jul 2021

Our paper "How the Common Retention Acceleration Method of 3D NAND Flash Memory Goes Wrong?" won the best paper award at HotStorage 2020. Congrats to LI Qiao and YE Min.

6 Jul 2021

Prof. GUAN Nan joined our group. Welcome!

1 Jul 2021

Our paper is accepted by APSys 2021. Congratulations to WAN Hu and SUN Xuan.

23 Jun 2021

M Lab in the News: Pioneering embedded system and software designs

29 Apr 2021

Congratulations to CUI Yufei for successfully defending his PhD dissertation and completing his degree.

26 Apr 2021

Prof KUO Tei-Wei has been elected the recipient of the prestigious Humboldt Research Award.

2 April 2021

Two new Ph.D. students, LI Lei and WANG Weilan, joined our group. Welcome!

4 March 2021

Our paper is accepted by CVPR 2021. Congratulations to CUI Yufei.

25 Jan 2021

Ms. LIANG Yu graduated with PhD degree. Congratulations to Dr. Liang.

21 Jan 2021

Miss LI Qiao was awarded her PhD degree today. Congratulations to Dr. Li.

15 Sep 2020

Our paper is accepted by RTSS 2020. Congratulations to ZHOU Zimeng.

1 Sep 2020

Six new Ph.D. students, DU Hongchao, HUANG Yun, MAO Yu, REN Tianyu, WU Shangyu, and ZHANG Yunmo, joined our group. Welcome!

08 Jul 2020

Our paper "Shaving Retries with Sentinels for Fast Read over High-Density 3D Flash" is accepted by MICRO 2020. Congratulations to LI Qiao.

More News & Achievements