Welcome to Memory System and IoT Lab (M Lab)!

The Memory System and IoT Lab (M Lab) is a premier joint research initiative led by esteemed scholars Professor KUO Tei-Wei from National Taiwan University, Professor XUE Chun Jason from the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, and Professor GUAN Nan from the City University of Hong Kong.

M Lab is dedicated to advancing the frontiers of research in memory systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). The lab's research portfolio encompasses a wide array of cutting-edge topics, including non-volatile memory, storage systems, mobile and embedded systems, real-time systems, and the application of machine learning techniques to optimize these domains.

With a commitment to excellence, M Lab consistently contributes to the academic community by publishing in top-tier conferences and journals. Their work is frequently featured in prestigious venues such as ASPLOS, HPCA, MICRO, FAST, ATC, DAC, EuroSys, ICDE, AAAI, NeurIPS, CVPR, TC, TCAD, TMC, TOS, and TKDE, reflecting the lab's significant impact and leadership in the field.

By fostering a collaborative environment and pushing the boundaries of research, M Lab is at the forefront of innovations that are shaping the future of memory systems and IoT technologies.

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News & Recent Achievements

15 Jul 2024

Congratulations to REN Tianyu and HU Tao for having their papers accepted by CODES-ISSS 2024 and EMSOFT 2024, respectively.

14 Jun 2024

City University of Hong Kong Team Wins First Place in 2024 Waymo Open Dataset Sim Agents Challenge. Congratulations to HU Haibo.

17 May 2024

Congratulations to MAO Yu for successfully defending her PhD dissertation and completing her degree.

11 Apr 2024

Congratulations to LI Jinheng, LI Qiao, WAN Hu for winning the ACM Euro Award at the 39th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2024).

15 Dec 2023

Congratulations to YE Min for successfully defending his PhD dissertation and completing his degree.

14 Dec 2023

Congratulations to LI Jinheng for successfully defending his MPhil dissertation and completing his degree.

28 Nov 2023

Congratulations to LI Jingzong for successfully defending his PhD dissertation and completing his degree.

19 Oct 2023

Congratulations to HUANG Lianming for recieving the 2nd Runner up of 2023 ACM/IEEE TinyML Design Contest of ICCAD.

18 Sep 2023

New Ph.D. student WANG Ning joined our group. Welcome!

31 Aug 2023

Congratulations to REN Tianyu for recieving the Best Paper Award of IEEE NVMSA 2023.

24 Aug 2023

New Ph.D. student HU Haibo joined our group. Welcome!

31 July 2023

Our paper is accepted by RTSS 2023. Congratulations to LI Ruoxiang.

1 Jun 2023

New Ph.D. students SONG Ziwei and DU Yuxin joined our group. Welcome!

18 May 2023

Congratulations to Ruoxiang for recieving the Best Paper Runner Up of IEEE MOST.

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